Customizing a Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap 

Honeybees-by-the-Sea is a micro apiary, or honeybee garden, on the Crystal  Coast of North Carolina, with an Organic Terra Preta Vegetable garden. 

 Our approach to beekeeping is pesticide free and as non-invasive as possible.  In 2012 the Small Hive Beetle became a real threat to our colonies and we investigated the options.  I installed a Hood trap but it has two major issues.  First, the colony is disturbed when the trap is installed and monitored.  More importantly, the bees immediately began to propolize the trap entrance rendering is useless.  I had already read about the Freeman SHB trap and placed an order for an 8-Frame Freeman trap,  This trap sits below the colony and is maintained from the rear.  It replaced the screened bottom board with a screen and tray system.  My Husband customized the trap by taking the Brushy Mountain Hive stand and cutting it down for the added depth of the Freeman trap.  We have custom stands that were built especially for the Brushy Mountain Hive Stand.  Here is the step by step process. Photo DML 06/30/12

Above, The hive stand is cut down to accommodate the depth of the Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap.

Above, Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap, right out of the box, ready to wed to the altered Brushy Mountain Hive Stand.   Photo DML 06/30/12

Above, the Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap is screwed onto the modified Brushy Mountain hive stand, the differnce in wood makes it easy to spot the hive stand from the trap.  Below, a touch with the grinder smoothes the front porch transition.  The trap is ready to paint. Photos DML 06/30/12

Above, the Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap and Custom Hive stand painted and ready to install.  The tray is slid back for demonstration.  I read that in place of oil, soapy water is effective, and I decided to use soapy water.  I have had no problem with the water evaporating, even in temps with heat indices of 108.  The water did get a bit funky after a week, with larva floating in it.  I made two changes, I added cider vinegar to the soapy water and I also removed larva from the 'soup' as often as possible. 
Above, the newly painted Hive stand/Freeman trap sits on our custom stands.  I keep entrances reduced, to prevent robbing and my husband Howard fashioned a bronze screen door to aid in air circulation.
Above, Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap, installed on Queen Elanor.   Photo DML 06/30/12
Above, Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap tray pulled out.  Here the debris is primarily wax bits from a wet super we jad kist extracted,, but there are a couple of adult beetles and larva in the soup as well.   Photo DML 06/30/12