In the spring of 2008 I heard a call that has taken me on a journey. Perhaps 'kidnapped' would be a better term, for the work has dominated the worker; it has a life and a will of its own. 

My years of beekeeping have opened a window into a fascinating world.  I have shared that world with adults and children, in classrooms and in the apiary. Their responses prompted me to invite you through the honeybees' front door.  The bees themselves inspired me to attempt to create memorable honeybee characters for generations of readers.

Why me? My very question...



"Why me?" I ask.  "Someone famous would be better." They stare at me with dark, liquid eyes, the sun illuminating their golden hair.

"True," they reply, "but you are a good listener and we are in such danger. Bring them in, young and old. Bring them into our home and our life. Tell our stories; reveal our history. If they know us, they will love us. Welcome them into our family before it is too late. Survival is at stake. Theirs as well as ours, and so few of them know it."

"Where do I begin?" I inquire, daunted by the mission.

"Let�s begin with a birth," they answer. "That is a very good place to start."

This worries me. "Can we hold their interest? Will they stay for the flying and hunting and fighting?"

"That," they answer, "is your job. Our story has everything: danger, romance and adventure, comedy, tragedy. We think this is a good story, and no one loves a good story more than we do. Tell it true, and let it go. We have no time to lose. We are disappearing from the face of the earth."

I watch them leave, flying in wingtip to wingtip formation, very unusual behavior for Honeybees. But then, they really are extraordinary creatures. keeping bees has changed my life forever.

       (Author's preface, Guardians of Eden: The Honeybee Chronicles)



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Published work: My article on 'Swarm Bait Hives, If you build it, they will come' appeared in the June 2011 issue of Bee Culture Magazine, the National Magazine of American Beekeepers. Click here to view article.

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